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WHAT if?
Simple question. What if, the game-changing technology meet with the game-changing sneakers?
"Tell me, as a footwear designer, which pair of shoes is your favorite? " recently one of my friends asked me.

"Only one?" I asked.
"I know it's tough. But, yes. Only one!"

"Air Jordan 8!" I said.

On 1995's summer, at my age of 10, I saw this pair of shoes first time in my life on the basketball court. At that moment, I don't even know what's the brand, What's the shoe's name, and what's the story behind. All I know is this is so cool and I want to see more details. So I followed the guy who wears this shoes for almost half hour. Later, on that afternoon, base on my memory, I drew down the first pair of shoe in my life.

After several years, I knew that shoe called Air Jordan 8. After I finished my college, instead of being a stage designer, I decided to become a footwear designer.