An integrated system that helps
novice runners to run smarter and faster.

How Can We help the novice runners to run smarter and better?

How can we create a new value that would consistently benefit runners and evolve with them?

A new business that helps novice runners perform at increasingly higher levels through an integrated system of AI training and personalized running shoes that they level up in performance in concert with the athlete’s day support. This project was developed in 2017.

Why this idea matters?
The Marathon Fever in China

Fueled by the country’s economic development and rapidly growing middle-class keen on staying fit, Marathon fever is sweeping across China.

“Marathoning” has grown into a massive sport and lucrative opportunity for brands.
The Fast growing rate of marathon in China

While China only hosted 22 road running races nationwide six years ago, that number skyrocketed to 328 in 2016, according to the Chinese Athletics Association (CAA).

2.8 million runners took part in these races in 2016, 1.3 million more than in 2015..
3 main problems commonly happen in inexperienced runners and stop them keep doing what they love to do.
Wrong running gait

Inappropriate running gait causes the foot to land too far in front of the knee, allows heel with the ground to generate a significant impact transient and then increases injury risk.
Bad fit running shoes

Everyone's feet are unique. the length, width, arch type are all different. It's hard to find a pair of mass-produced shoes that works for everyone.
Inappropriate training habit

87% runners lack basic knowledge about long-distance running and never have a systematic training before.
solutions we could offer
Evaluate metrics and level up system

Six evaluate metrics enable runners understanding their currently running habits, seeing the invisible problems they have and knowing what's the next step.
Customized Digital training insole

Personal best 3D scan each runner's feet, and then build a customized digital training insole for everyone. The digital sensor will collect runners' data.
Personalized AI training system

Based on runners' analysis, daily training data and personal goal, personal best AI training system will offer each runner different classes and keep evolving with them.
3D printed customized running shoes that made for you, based on your own data and evolve with you.
Why this integrated system make sense?
How does this experience look like?
Let's meet Rui first.
Rui is living in Beijing. He recently got influenced by his friend and started to run. Rui believes that running a long distance could be a personal achievement.
After just several times of practice, Rui is inspired to enter a 5KM race.
Rui started the race at a good pace but gave up after 3km as he felt exhausted.
He got blisters on his feet and felt the pain. He realized if he wanted to continue running he would need better training.
Feeling demotivated he decides to go home, but on his way out he sees a pop-up store called personal best. He is attracted by their offer for a free running analysis and better fit footwear that could help him.
He decides to go inside and is welcomed by a running expert that tries to learn more about him.
The expert then provides a free 3d scan of his feet.
Gave him a running analysis.
After Rui the training digital insole, he put this into his currently running shoes. Pairs the insole with his smartphone.
By using the tailored training class made by Personal Best, Rui could clearly see his progress in six different sections.
Based on the score he has now. Rui knows that he has a lot of catching up to do.
Compare his score with other running celebrities, and see how far he can get there.
Rui upgrade to the premium service. He shares this analysis with one of Personal Best 's real coach. He connects with the trainer and gets precise feedback.
Rui receives a pair of running shoes that fully customized for him based on his personal performance data.
As long as Rui keep push himself to become a better runner, his running shoes keep evolving as well. After Rui finish his first half marathon game. Personal best reduce the extra cushion made him the second lighter version running shoes. After Rui break his own PB in the full marathon game, a pair of race version running shoes will directly ship to Rui.
1st version of Rui's running shoe

Extra cushion and more support
Weight: 11.6 oz
Heel height: 39.4 mm
Forefoot height: 25.7 mm
Heel to toe drop: 13.7 mm
2nd version of Rui's running shoe

Reduce the extra cushion
Weight: 9.5 oz
Heel height: 33.1 mm
Forefoot height: 26.7 mm
Heel to toe drop: 7 mm
3rd version of Rui's running shoe

Race version
Weight: 8.1 oz
Heel height: 20 mm
Forefoot height: 17 mm
Heel to toe drop: 3 mm
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