A Digital Transition Strategy and New product design for Prismacolor

How will the Drawing Experience be Like in 2025?

how can Prismacolor continuously inspire professionals who live a life of art and creation?

10 Thousand Hours is a long term strategy and premier product design for Prismacolor developed in 2016. This project was sponsored by Newell brands.
Newell Brands is the largest writing company in the world and along with Papermate, Sharpie, Mr. sketch and Expo; Prismacolor is one the most important brand in its portfolio.
The primary goals of this project were:

Envision a new design for the Prismacolor premier product line that elevates the brand to be the iconic choice for artists and designers.
In group
Create a strategy that could help Prismacolor continuously create values for professional artists and designers in the future.

Prismacolor is a 78 year old brand with a rich history grounded in the American Art and Design community. Colored Pencils and Markers are the two most used art tools and align to the Prismacolor brand promise of color.

Prismacolor has always been known for its...
Quality, Reliability, Value
and Color variety
Long history and Good reputation
user base
Online influencer and
Follower base
Prismacolor's main users
How can Prismacolor support their consumer throughout their artistic journey with product lines for each skill level?
How can Prismacolor create an art life cycle for them?
Middle and High School Art Students
College Art Students
inspire  people to learn more
Professional Artists and Designers
Become an influencer
influence more people to join the art life
10 thousand hours strategy Road Map for prismacolor
Currently, Prismacolor elevates the brand to be the iconic choice for professionals.
Before moving into 2020, we believe that by investing in responsive online-training system, Prismacolor can fully leverage the power of influencer to enlarge the user base, rise the customer loyalty and helps prismacolor finish the transition that from traditional to digital.
In 2025, base on the big-data collected from the responsive online training system, Prismacolor will leverage the Artificial intelligence and Algorithm to create a new experience that help people who like to draw. 

"It takes 10,000 hours deliberate practice to become an expert."

Inspired by the Malcom Gladwell's book- outliers, I came up with this 10,000 hours idea as a strategy concept for the group.
A Responsive Online training that empowers people to improve their skills and pursue the art life they love.
10 thousand hours limited edition toolset
at a certain level, The Self-Disciplined Users will get A gift From Prismacolor.
it is a special reward for the Diligence.
Toolset including: 6 different color markers(base on user's personal preference ) one box of pencil, one eraser, a pencil sharpener and a sketch book
Beauty, Warmth, Aroma and  Texture
of Mahogany wood makes every pencil different.

It means every path to the mastery is unique.
All about the time
As the pencil gets shorter and shorter, people could see how much time they spent on their dream directly from the time-mark on the pencil.
Hand size and positions varies from one to another. The long cap design will create a new experience for everyone
Color numbers shows on the side increase the visibility of the color value
The graphic shows which level are you at.
10 thousand hours = 1.14 years
10 thousand hours = 13.4 Months
10 thousand hours = 417 Days
10 thousand hours = 600,000 Minutes
10 thousand hours = 36,000,000 Seconds
STEEP-X Macro Trends Research
 X factor
Trends analysis and insights
New Technology
The Future of Drawing
The Rise of Influencers
With the technology of real time scanning, people can get digital files in a convent way and in accurate color and various layers.
The traditional drawing skills may become a very rare hobby in the future. 
"If Prismacolor is not selling color pencils and markers, what are they selling?"
Professionals influenced by their teachers, or famous artist when they buy art materials, with the trend of influencer on social media, how can Prismacolor leverage that trend to shape their future?
Design Research
Product testing
Shadowing Observation
Competitor research
Users prefer to open the cap by one hand when they are drawing
long cap design fits for different size of hand and positions
The fragile pencil tips need more protection
Final Prototype
Final Presentation
A Digital Transition Strategy and New Design for Prismacolor